Social Responsability

School for all Costa Rican students begins in February, and we want them to have a great start to their year. Sadly, many children will arrive on the first day without the supplies they need, especially those who are less fortunate.

Emily Mabel Gussoni, member of Costa Rica’s national olympic surfing team, and Diego Solis, Founder of, have been supporting local schools in Costa Rica for the past 4 years. Every year they chose a school with low income families and provided them with books, school materials and workbooks at their own expenses. Each set costs $ 70.


We support local Costa Rican schools and children in need with sets of school supplies

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Together We Can Do More

Emily and Diego will pursuit the goal of 200 school children in 5 Costa Rican schools this year: Escuela Vista de Mar, Escuela Esterillos Oeste, Escuela Hacienda, Escuela Rancho Nuevo and Escuela Quebrada Amarilla. With your donation, a set of school supplies reaches all these children in need.

Here's Why We're Doing This

Diego Solis: “In our region we have many families with low income. We want their kids to go to school and improve their quality of life. In order to be successful they need school materials which their families cannot afford.”

Today’s children are tomorrow’s innovators. Please support their learning and contribute to their futures!

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